Grant Application Checklist

  • Is there a Lion Foundation Community Gaming Venue in your area?

Our funds are generally distributed to the areas from which they are generated.

Find our venues by clicking here.

If not, sorry we cannot help you with funding now. Please check our website from time to time in case a Lion Foundation Community Gaming Venue opens in your area. You could also check the DIA website for a list of other Community Gaming Trusts that have venues in your area. Once you are on the page – go to Quarterly lists and pick the most current quarter.

  • Has the audit from your previous grant been completed?

The audit from your previous grant must be completed. We only accept one successful grant every 12 months.

  • Is your request something that we can fund?

We fund a wide range of expenses, including for example, administration and operating expenses, capital expenditure, equipment, travel expenses and playing apparel. We are unable to consider grants for retrospective costs, food, drink or catering, fuel and mileage, bar renovations or fittings, koha, cell phones, individuals, first aid kits, footwear, training kit, warm up gear, socks, sport bags and professional sport.

  • Is your organisation incorporated?

In order to be eligible for a grant your organisation must be incorporated (e.g. under the Incorporated Societies Act, Charitable Trusts Act or other legislation).  Only not-for-profit bodies may apply e.g. any society, association or organisation that is incorporated and legally constituted, whose rules do not allow money, property or any other benefits to be distributed to any of its members. For more information please visit

Not applicable to Schools.

  • Do you have Charities Services registration OR attached proof of IRD income tax exemption?

If you do not have one of these, we are unable to consider your application. Not applicable to Schools.

For more information please visit either or

To understand a little more about IRD Income tax Exemptions, Click here.

Options for proof of the current IRD Income Tax could be:

  • Have you attached verification of your governance to a regional or national body?

If you are using the incorporation and not-for-profit status of your regional or national body, you must provide a governance letter stating that you are held financially accountable and, if dissolved, the regional/national body would assume all assets and liabilities e.g. local branches of Special Olympics affiliating to Special Olympics NZ. Click here for a sample governance letter.

  • Have you attached a cover letter?

Your cover letter should tell us about your organisation and/or project, and how this grant benefits the community.

  • Have you attached a signed resolution, or full minutes resolving to apply for funding?

Resolutions must be signed and dated by a member of the committee or Board. Must be no older than 6 months.

  • Have you attached a full set of your most recent annual financial accounts?

These are not required to be audited. They must be less than 18 months old and include a profit and loss statement, and a balance sheet.

  • Proof of affiliation (sports clubs only)

Sport clubs must be affiliated to a regional body. Provide an affiliation letter to your regional or national association. You could also provide your affiliation fees invoices from your National/Regional body to prove your affiliation.

  • Proof of Events

If this is an event you are applying for provide proof this event is genuine e.g. an itinerary, draw, schedules, flyers etc

  • Have you attached cost evidence?

Budgets/estimates are not acceptable cost evidence. What we need depends on what you are applying for.

Please provide:

  • For capital expenditure – two quotes (these must be less than six months old, addressed to your organisation, show GST content and suppliers contact details). If you cannot provide two quotes, please tell us why in your cover letter or in the sole quote reason box in the online application.
  • For operating expenses – three months of consecutive invoices or annual invoice
  • For salaries and coaching (position must be filled) – signed employment agreements and job descriptions. When applying for salaries/wages – please consider Privacy Act implications. Obtain express permission to share the Employment Contract in support of your application. TLF will assume you have consent.
  • If a project requires resource or building consent – please do not apply until these are approved in hand. We will require evidence of relevant building/resource consents.
  • Have you attached a bank generated document or pre-printed deposit slip so we can direct-credit funding into your account if approved?

Handwritten deposit slips and personal bank accounts will not be accepted. If you are new to The Lion Foundation an original bank generated document must be posted to us. If you do not have an original deposit slip or bank statement, you are able to go to a bank who will print and stamp and sign a bank generated document – you can then post that to us.