Funding Q & A’s

Where does the money go?
Grants are distributed to a diverse range of charitable causes in the areas of health, education, sports and community (which includes arts, culture, heritage and environment). With the exception of approximately 10% of grants that support leadership at national body level, we aim to return approximately 90% of funds back to the local community where they were raised.

Who decides where the money goes?
The Lion Foundation has established four Regional Grants Committees that meet monthly – Northern, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Central and Southern. Click here for details on each region. Each Committee considers grant applications generated from their individual regions. These Committees are made up of local people with local knowledge, to ensure the best possible outcome for their communities.

Where does the money come from?
The Lion Foundation is licensed to operate gaming machines, solely for the purpose of raising money for distribution to the community for authorised purposes.

How long will it take for my application  to be processed?
Grants committees meet monthly, however due to the fluctuations in the number of grant applications received in any given month, we advise applicants to allow AT LEAST EIGHT WEEKS for an application to be considered and a decision to be made. This timeframe is based on the receipt of a complete application and may be extended should we need to request additional documentation or clarification.

Please be aware that The Lion Foundation Board and Regional Grants Committee’s do not meet in January.

What are the close off dates for applications?
The Lion Foundation receives applications year round. There are no close off dates and The Lion Foundation grants committee’s meet monthly with the exception of January.

How often can I apply?
Funds may be distributed to successful applicants once every 12 months. Applications should not be submitted less than 10 months from the date of your last grant approval. This allows for the 8 week processing time.

How many quotes do I need to provide?
We require two competing quotes for each item you are applying for. Once a grant is approved you must then use the quote and supplier provided within your application unless you have written permission form The Lion Foundation to use an alternative.

How long does it take to get the funding once approved?
Payments are usually made on the last Thursday of the month. The Lion Foundation is required to pay grants by direct credit only to the applicant organisation’s bank account.

Can venue operators benefit from a grant?
No, venue operators cannot make any decisions or recommendations about applications or receive completed application forms. No payment, commission or any other kind of reward, financial or otherwise, can be attached or demanded as a condition of either the issuing or payment of a grant.

What if there are no Lion Foundation venues in my local area?
As funds are returned to the communities where they are generated, you should only apply for a grant if there is a Lion Foundation venue in your local council area, Click here to find out.  If there are none within your area you could check for a list of other gaming trusts which may be able to help.